Случайный Mythical
Содержимое кейса
Armor of the Abyssal Scourge
Axe of the Shattered Vanguard
Battle Dress of the Proven
Blade of the Abyssal Scourge
Blade of the Survivor
Offhand Blade of the Survivor
Burning Shield of the Outland Ravager
Chaos Legion Mount
Clandestine Trail
Crescent Bow
Eldritch Gnarl
Evergreen Stalker
Fireborn Odachi
Genuine Dragon Sword
Genuine Pale Edge
Great Sword of the Battlehawk
Hat of the Itinerant Scholar
Helm of Grim Reformation
Helm of the Abyssal Scourge
Helm of the Battlehawk
Herald of Measureless Ruin
Incantations of Hell
Jaw of Kaktos
Leashed Rockshark
Mask of the Chainbreaker
Mystic Instruments of Tang-Ki
Pauldron of the Dreadborn Regent
Prospect of the Progenitor's Gaze
Sapphire Sabre-Lynx
Scorching Talon
Sentinel of the Blackguard Magus
Shards of Malice
Spear of the Daemonfell Flame
Style of the Fearful Aria
Sword of the Bladeform Aesthete
Tigress of the Dark Moon Stalker
Tome of the Itinerant Scholar
Unfettered Malevolence
Vigilance of the Manticore
Vigilante Fox
Wandering Harlequin's Regalia
Wings of the Fireflight Scion
Wings of Unfettered Malevolence
Wolves of the Blood Moon
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