Содержимое кейса
Peregrine Lance
Axe of the Vicious Plains
Axe of the Warboss
Battleaxe of the Butcher's Wake
Club of the Hellrunner
Exquisite Doubled Axe of the Veil
Lance of the Sunwarrior
Mace of the Wrathrunner
Axe of the Red Conqueror
Axe of the Wrathful Annihilator
Club of the Igneous Stone
Diffusal Lance
Drowned Horseman's Axe and Buckler
Lance of the Bramble Lord
Axe of the Black Death Executioner
Axe of the Proven
Axe of the Shattered Vanguard
Lance of the Wurmblood
Seismic Berserker Club
Mace of the Chosen
Mace of Aeons
Shock of the Anvil
Righteous Thunderbolt
Virga's Arc
Phantom Concord
Bitter Lineage
Adoring Wingfall
Elder Timebreaker
Lamb to the Slaughter
Genuine Claddish Cudgel